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Super Subtitle Creator, Here

In one of my projects, I required to create a quick hardsubbing application, so did I come up with this. Hope this will help you in your projects too. How to work with this, I have helped it in the video. Do comment, if it doesnt work for you.

Requrements: .NET FRamework 4.5, FFMPEG for Windows, Windows Media Player 12


Download here


AccountCentaur 1.5 For Win7

AccountCentaur is a easy to use software for keeping track of your expenditures and thereby generating reports and graphs. It needs .Net Framework 4.0 and Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7. It is successfully tested with the Windows 7 environment. It uses the Open source small foot print database SQLite version 3.0. It uses the Zedgraph library for graphing requirements.



.NET Framework 4.0 Client profile, 1 GB RAM, 10 GB Hard Disk space


Please note that the version 1.5 carries an older 1.4 version of help file. Though functionality more or less remains same, the main changes include one database file per Windows Login user, and ported to framework 4.0

AccountCentaur Setup

Digital Heart For Vista, WinXP

Pournami 0.3.8 Released

Pournami, besides being a text editor is also a quick forms creator without much fuss for you to manage your day to day data. You need no MS Access or any database to define your data entry forms for stand alone or sharable data. PFDL(Pournami Form definition language) creates forms in just a couple of minutes. There are very few syntax elements to learn to make a form and work with it.



Windows 7, 2GB RAM, 30MB HD Space, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

Read the features of Pournami


  1. Quick Forms: With PFDL (Pournami Form Definition Language), you can quickly create forms in 2 minutes. Oh yes, you heard me right. You do not need to learn programming languages or databases to present and work with your data.

    • Create data entry form in 2 minutes
    • Data and form in the same file, so that you dont have to worry about form and data differently
    • Store files, images into your forms. Don't worry about how to!
    • Send the form to the other person to view, in one file
    • Custom reports, data integrity options between various related data elements
    • Import Export data with few clicks, when you want to merge the data.
  2. Integrated Work Manager: If you are a manager, not a developer, you can still use Pournami to manage work items. Pournami is integrated with Task, Defect and Issue manager

    • Tasks can be easily tracked now. You can have recurring tasks too, automatically added. Don't worry about forgetting tasks
    • Defects and Issues can be managed and reported appropriately
  3. Many Tools Integrated: Many quick text tools are integrated into Pournami and are available at a click.

    • You can create database INSERTs from a CSV file in a click
    • You can organize data by position and length and save it to CSV or any delimited format
    • You can compare two lists of values
    • You can compare two folders for any changes
    • You can have a quick textbox to work with multiple windows which stays on top. Forget Notepad totally!

Explore Pournami to find more!

Compare two lists and identify missing elements
Create DB2 Insert statements from a CSV file
Convert length delimited file to character delimited file
Tasks, Defects, Issues
Source Editor
Folder compare

Create your own forms

Download Pournami

Koober 0.2